Line of Music

I have a MIDI setup at home, and I play in a contemporary music group at the church we attend.


My MIDI setup includes:

Keyboard Pict


Three or four weeks a month, I pack up my VFX and play in the contemporary worship music group Joyful Noise at Family of Christ Luthran Church. Our group even got to go into a recording studio and make a tape recently. If you follow this link and download the No Longer Strangers sample, "That's me on the organ, eh?" (See Bob and Doug McKenzie's Great White North album for the original on that quote). I'm in the other samples too, but of those three samples, that's probably the only place you can hear me in particular.


I've been looking for a way to put the JV-1080, D4, and mixer in a rack enclosure that I can carry in one hand while the gig bag with my VFX is over my shoulder.  It looks like I'm going to have to build something custom.  I'm very surprised that I can't find something off the shelf for this.  It has to be a somewhat common requirement.

The design would look something like this:

Rack Picture

Here's some updated pictures, from my plans.

another rack pic

This is a side view. At this point I had not yet decided the JV-1080 would go on the bottom, not in the middle. The rectangles behind each piece of gear represent my approximation of how much space I needed for connector clearance. Note the outside of the case goes beyond the front and top surfaces of the gear by quite a ways, to protect the knobs, etc, when being transported.

Newsflash: this rack has been built. Now I've taken a picture of it so everyone can see it. Unfortunately, this beast turned out to be very heavy; I need to put a padded handle on it at the very least!

Here is the final (for now) product.

picture of rack